Emma Tutweiler

Miss Tutweiller

Vital Statistics



Teacher, Miss Tutweiller, Ms. T

Lives in:

S.S. Tipton

Grandparents: Grandfather (works in a funerary)
Works for: Teacher in Seven Seas High
Production Info
Portrayer: Erin Cardillo
First Appearance: The Suite Life Sets Sail

Emma Tutweiller is a fictional character in The Suite Life on Deck. She is the teacher of Zack, Cody, London, Woody and Bailey aboard the S.S. Tipton.





  • Marion Moseby: In Showgirls, Bailey and London suspected Mosbey and Tutweiller to be dating. In Sea Harmony, Emma and Mosbey are paired up together by the ship's single questionaire and dance together. They later hreak up because Mr Mosbey likes the Stooges and Miss Tutweiller is told she doesn't have a sense of humour. They later have dinner together thinking up punishments for Zack and London, to punish them for meddling in their personal lives. See Emma-Marion Relationship

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